Why wish on a star when you can wish on a candle!
Candles are a very spiritual, religious and ritual tool for many people.
Try making your own wish candles!
They also make a great gift idea for a friend in need!


                        White =  purity, truth, spirituality

                        Red =  strength, love, energy, courage, passion

                        Blue =  peace, tranquility, understanding, patience, health

                      Natural/Beeswax=  all purpose, purification

                        Green =  prosperity, fertility, luck

                        Yellow/Gold =  mental clarity, success, concentration

                        Brown =  grounding, centering, neutrality

                        Pink =  affection, romance, friendship

                        Black =  protection, ward off negativity

                        Purple =  meditation, clairvoyance, power

                        Silver/Gray =  cancellation, neutrality, stalemate

                        Orange =  encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction


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