The Candle Cauldron's Guide To
Making your own website!
Ok, so you've mastered the art of making candles
and now you want a website to sell them....
I've put together the following list of links to help you make your own site for little or no cost.  It takes some time and a creative flair, but it is possible to make your own instead of paying tons for a service to do it for you.  I am a self taught web designer, and I started out using Angelfire's online page maker, then read and studied HTML, tried a couple of page making programs, started playing with graphics, and the rest is history!  Many people ask me if I can make a site for them.  I used to offer my services for hire, but I have gotten too busy between maintaining my personal site (The Candle Cauldron) and my business site (Bitter Creek) and I no longer have any time available to do side jobs designing sites for others (sorry guys!).
But I can at least help point you in the right direction :)  Good luck, you can do it!
(This page still under construction... I'll add more sites and descriptions as I find them & as I have time!)


. Free Website Hosts & Shopping Carts! Free hosting or optional premium hosting. Free website and shopping cart. Free website hosting. Free website with easy to use online webpage making feature.  Easy and great for beginners.  This is where I started learning website design, and where The Candle Cauldron was born! Free web space and creation tools. Free web space. Free online catalog with shopping cart. Free site builder and web space. Free website hosting with no banner ads! 100MB of free web space!  In return, each page that you create will have an advertising banner automatically inserted into it (one banner per page at the top of the viewable browser window). They have free retail accounts including a shopping cart system. The hosting and cart is free along with some other features. They do have some add ons that cost $$ but, these things are optional. Free unlimited web space, page builder, e-mail account and more! Free 15 meg website, e-mail, domain hosting, and more, and earn commissions! Free 15 meg website with easy to use page maker and more!
. HTML Help Sites
HTML Goodies The most complete HTML help site I've found!  Packed full of great info, helpful basics for beginners, and cool tips for the advanced!
Home Brewed HTML Learn HTML the easy way!  Complete tutorial and walk-thru for beginners in plain English!
HTML Basics Some very basic commonly used HTML tags, by Angelfire.
HTML Quick Reference A simple organized visual reference guide to some common HTML code.
. Website Design & Hosting Services
Tower Web Services Don't want to mess with making a site yourself?  Have one made for you!  These guys also do hosting, search engine submitting & maintenance!
Cotner Computing For full service Web Hosting, Web Site Design & Maintenance, and Consulting!
They can also do shopping carts, graphics, banners and more!
. Domain Names One of the cheapest places I've found!  Get your own domain name for only $15 a year!
Go Get your own domain name for only $8.95!
. Free URL Submitters!
AddMe Submit your site to several of the major search engines for free!
AutoSubmit Add your site to a wide variety of search engines automatically.
Submit-It Submit-It is a great free service that lets you submit your page to search engines automatically.
The Promoter These guys will promote your site to over 300 search engines, all in exchange for placing their HTML code on you page. The HTML code will produce a 468x60 banner on your page.
Speedy Submit Speedy Submit allows you to submit your page to 50 different search engines, and link pages. Quickly and easily done.
Quick Submit Allows you to add your service to many different directories, and links pages, 100% FREE!
The World Wide Web Broadcaster Now offering instant submission to over 30 search engines. If you want to more advanced version of this service there is a fee.
Web Position Web Position is a great service, that will allow you to submit your page to the top search engines, and make the top listings on them. Here, you will download a free software program, and be able to get in the top percentages in the major search engines.
WebStep Top 100 Contains links to the 100 best places to submit your page.
. Webmaster Tools & Resources
Free Webtools for     Webmasters
Check out the Top Rated Site for Webmaster Tools!

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