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Tart Shaped 
Wax Potpourri Melts

Wax "tarts" are used to scent the home, and are burned in potpourri burners.  They are commonly referred to as "tarts" named after the pastry due to their tart-like shape. 
These are easy to make, and do not require a wick.

(Example photo)


Low to medium melt point wax (126-135)
Wax dye/color
Fragrance oil
*Vybar may be needed


"Tarts" are usually about the size of a Recses Peanut Butter Cup.  They are usually shaped like a pastry tart (scalloped edges), but they can be plain round, heart, flower or fruit shaped or anything in the appropriate size.  You can buy metal molds made for tarts/floaters, or you can use small muffin/tart tins, small soap molds, etc.

Melt your wax at the appropriate temperature for it's melting point, usually a little higher then the melt point.  Add dye and mix completely.  Amount of dye depends on type being used (liquid, cake, chips or powder) and the depth of color desired.  Add fragrance oil last.  Amount of fragrance oil will also depend on strength and quality of oil and scent used.  You may need to experiment with this.  Most people use a higher percentage of scent in their "tarts" than in candles.

*Note:  In cases of high oil content, you may experience some oil seeping out of the wax.  A small amount of vybar (1/4 to 1 tspn per pound of wax) can be used to help bind the oil in the wax.  Be aware that vybar can cause rippling and extra shrinkage, so use in moderation.

Pour finished mixture into molds.  In small shallow molds you may not have to do a second pour, but in some cases you will still get a sunken area in the middle and may need to pour again.  When the "tarts" are completely hardened, remove from mold.

If you have trouble removing them, place them in your freezer for a few minutes and try again.  In most cases they will pop right out.  If this doesn't seem to be working, try using a mold release spray (can also use silicon or non-stick cooking spray) prior to filling molds.

Place finished "tart" in top of ceramic potpourri/tart burner and light tealight candle underneath.  When the "tart" begins to melt and liquify, it should scent the room nicely.

Good luck and happy melting!

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