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The place to brew up some lotions, potions, soaps 
& other scented wonders to delight your nose!

by The Candle Cauldron

More and more often over the last few years, candlemakers have started to delve into
other areas of home & personal fragrance products.  Some of these include:

* Melt-n-Pour Soap *  * Cold Processed Soap *  * Incense Sticks & Cones *  * Potpourri *
 * Hand & Body Lotion *  * Bath & Shower Gel *  * Bath Salts *  * Shampoo & Conditioner *
 * Room Air Freshner Gel *  * Room Freshner Spray *  * Body Spritzer *

These types of items compliment candlemaking wonderfully!  The 90's became the decade of Aroma, and now more than ever people want things that smell nice in their homes, and on their bodies.  These types of items make great gift sets and baskets, and can help increase your candle sales tremendously!

Here is a collection of links that will give you all the info & resources you'll need to get started!

SoapSupply.com - Bitter Creek's Soap, Bath and Body site!      Come visit the sponsor of this site! 
Melt-n-Pour soap bases, soap molds, fragrance oils, dye chips, loaf pans, soap cutters, tools and accessories!  Complete line of the highest quality Bath-n-Body products such as Lotion, Shower Gel, Body Wash, Bubble Bath, Body & Hair Mist, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lip Balm Base, Cosmetic Glitter & Mica, etc!  Nice selection of packaging supplies, accessories, unscented incense & more! 
"The Bath & Body Board" - A message board dedicated to fragranced accessory items to go with candles!
The FDA Cosmetics Handbook - Valuable information on FDA's requirements and policies for safe production and accurate labeling of cosmetics. The material in it has been carefully selected for use in the production and distribution of cosmetic products. 
How to Make Melt-n-Pour Soap - Easy instructions and some cool ideas & tips for Chunk Soaps, Treasure Soaps, Scrubby Soaps & more.  Courtesy of Bitter Creek :)
The Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, Inc. - An independent non-profit professional trade organization, not affiliated with any soap company, vendor, supplier, list serve, individual or group. The Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild provides a way to be in contact with other soap makers, to share information, solve problems, etc.
The Soapmakers Webring - A webring dedicated to handcrafted soap sites. 
Soapmaking Recipes by Elaine White - Beginner recipes and blender soap recipes, lye/fat chart, soap history, etc.
Miller's Homemade Soap Page - Excellent site chock full of soaping info and instructions!
Subrina's Soapmaker's Resource Site - Great site full of tips, tricks, info, instructions and photos!
Soapmaking Books - Use the search engine on The Candle Cauldron Bookstore page to find books on soapmaking!
The Cosmetic Index - The information resource for personal care professionals.
The Toiletries Library - A huge alphabetical index of recipes.

More links & info will be added, but this should give you a good start :)
Happy Scenting!

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