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Wanted to share, first candle party..............
Sun Aug 27 08:33:53 2000


Just when I thought that all was going slow, last night happened. I had my first Candle Party at my home and the feeling was incredible. I was a nervous wreck, but after a few awkward moments everything fell into place. Let me tell you that playing hostess and demonstrator was not easy (I think I went overboard on the food and refreshments). My husband surprised me, he had coffee and cake set up,WITHOUT ME ASKING, I think I'll keep him. I had so much available as cash and carry that I sold over $200.00 worth and over $150.00 in orders plus a party booking. So to all of you out there that think it isn't working or are hesitant about forging ahead, just try it, JUST DO IT, you will be very surprised. If I can anyone can. Just wanted to share.


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candle party
Fri Aug 25 17:18:24 2000

Usually the hostess gets a certain amount of "party money" per $100.00 in sales. Say $5.00 per $100 as an example. Take a large selection of items to the party. Sell from that and take orders for the rest. Deliver orders promptly.
Have a few of your best scents burning to greet the customers. However, don't burn scents that don't go together. Or if you prefer don't burn any and just let them smell your inventory. Smile and be polite! Write receipts, take checks and CASH! Bring plenty of sacks and sales slips to write up orders. Sit back and relax as the candles flow out and the money flows in! When the party is over sit down and write in a journal the things you did, the number of candles in each style you took and how many sold. Also, write down how the party went--what worked and what didn't. Then get to work pouring more inventory. Good-Luck.

Just had a party today..
Mon Aug 14 04:23:11 2000

I have spent 3 weeks preparing for this party. I've even stayed up until 5am every day this past week making and labeling stuff.
My advice is..take as much as you can make! I did! Sure, I didn't sell out,(if I had, I'd be $1000 richer today. :) ) but people sure as heck know what I have to offer, and what they smell and look like. This is a good thing with the holidays coming up. :) If you make a good product, they WILL remember you. The hostess even wants to have another party for me in November.
I think people come to parties and buy a little something out of guilt. But when they see how great your stuff is, they'll order more. Have stuff ready!
The way I see it, I now have a good start at stock for upcoming shows with the leftovers. Ready-made stock is also good for people who want to order something NOW!!
Take what all you never know what people will buy. I took slices of a loaf of bubblegum soap that turned peach instead of the pink I wanted. I discounted them a little, and sold 6 out of 7 bars!
The more stuff you have the more people are apt to "impulse buy." I saw a lot of it today. "Oh, look! Yum! I have to have one of these....oh...what's that other thing? I need one of those too!"
Overwhelm them with your wonderful hard work. Lots of people commented today on how "lil ol' me" made all the stuff they saw. They were amazed!
Sorry so long, I'm just excited and happy about my day. I hope you get the same results.

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Benefits of doing candle parties:

1.  It's a great way to earn extra income!

2.  You get to be your own boss!

3.  It's a fun hobby for your spare time!

4.  Great way to meet new friends!

5.  No overhead to worry about!

6.  You get to make the mess at 
     someone else's house, LOL!

Carol W
Wed Aug 23 14:17:50 2000

Go for it!

I am also shy and hate the tupperware thing, but I use that to my advantage, I tell people at the beginning that I won't be talking long, I pass out brochures, and go through an explanation of each candle, I have found that the parties I do last 2 hours tops. People seem to appreciate the fact that it would tie up their whole evening. Don't be shy about taking money. If your product is good and priced right, people will be thanking you!. The first one I did I invited all my friends and handed each one of them a free votive just for attending my first party (so they would put up with the mistakes I made) and everything just rolled from there, I got more bookings and more bookings. I have also found that people really like the fact that if you bring alot of your stuff, they love to buy it and take it home right on the spot!  HTH Good luck!

candle party
Wed Aug 23 15:38:18 2000

I've been doing handcrafted open houses for over 8 years. Of course not with candles until the last 18 months. However, they work about the same. You set up your merchandise in an attractive manner, price it, send out invitations to your FRAN's (friends, relatives and acquaintances), can also advertise in the local advertiser and post attractive posters around town on community bulletin boards. As far as your girls manning the "shoebox"--well if they're to young give them the job of bagging purchases and/or making sure the cookie tray is full, punch stays filled, etc, After all this is a business not a garage sale. You want to promote a professional business image when dealing with your potential customers. And of course have a door prize and have people sign up using their whole address and phone number. This will become the beginning of your mailing list. You can then let these people know when you have new scents and or sizes out and when and where your next show and/or open house is. You don't even really need to have a little speech at the beginning of your "party". Candles are pretty much explanatory and will sell themselves. They just have to smell and look good! Hope this helps. 

Ten tips for success:

1.  Be sure to have samples of each scent you carry for everyone to smell!

2.  Take plenty of inventory for on-the-spot cash sales!

3.  Be sure to have plenty of business cards, brochures, and free samples for everyone!

4.  Be sure to have order forms to take after-the-show orders!

5.  Serve light refreshments and munchies!

6.  Educate the party goers on how to properly burn their candles!

7.  Encourage people to ask questions and get them involved in your presentation!

8.  Encourage others to book a party with you, or to give you leads to some friends who may want to book their own party!

9.  Be creative in displaying your products so they can all be seen easily, and aren't cluttered!

10.  Make sure to thank your hostess and all of the guests for coming and making your party a success!

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