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*4/29/01 - Added 2 new pages, "Candle Burn Times" and "Labeling Your Products"!  Also updated the Burning Question FAQ page with some new info!

*4/28/01 - Redesigned The Candlemaker's Corner message board!

*3/?/01Updated the "Zodiac Candles" page and the "Aromatherapy Candles" page!

*2/?/01 - Added the "Lead Free Candles.Org" site banner.  This is important for candlemakers to check out!  Also updated the "Quizlet" with a new survey.

*?/?/01 - Added "Made With Moxie" article, and the Craft Search bar to main page.  Also added the background color change feature!

*9/03/2K -  Added "Crafting Today"s promo button to main page, linked to my featured article on Wax Tarts in this month's Ezine!  They also re-printed (with my permission) my "Dictionary of Candlemaking Terms" as a permanent addition to their candle section!

*9/03/2K -  Added a new page "Website Help" full of links to free page hosts, shopping carts, website submitters, HTML help sites and more!

*8/29/2K -  Added new page on How to do Candle & Soap Parties!

*8/05/2K -  Updated the Dictionary of Candlemaking Terms page to include several additional terms including candle types.  Main page got a whole new layout and look!

*The Cauldron is back! 8/05/2K -  For quite some time now I've been having server problems and have been way too busy to get it all straightened out, so the site hasn't been updated in awhile.  I'm finally on the road to recovery, and happy to announce you'll soon start to see some long overdue updates to the site!  I've just uploaded a new improved "Candle Test Sheet" and "Candle Pricing Worksheet" to the site in the form of an MS Word Doc!  This should be much more printer friendly :)  Works best when using MS Internet Explorer for a browser.  I've also just updated the Chat page with a new layout and added several new chat themes, so now there's a chat every night of the week!  I have many more plans for new material and updates, but please be patient as there's only one of me to handle this huge site for thousands of you!
Update:  E-mail is working again - Doneen@candlecauldron.com.

*New Scent Mixing Page added! 7/24/99 -  This is a page full of ideas for making your own blends for uniquely scented candles!  It includes many of the basics and many original ideas you may not have thought of yet!  Fellow candlemakers are welcome to send in their contributions to be added to the page!

*New section added 6/5/99 - "Soaps n' Stuff" is a new section on soaps, bath & body products, incense, potpourri, air freshener gel, room sprays, body spritzers, you name it!  If it smells, it sells, and it'll go great with candles!  In this new section you'll find instructions and info, links and "The Fragrance Forum" message board!

*New section added 6/5/99 - "Hot Topic" of the month!  This is a new section I'll be trying to keep updated on a regular basis.  It will consist of interesting articles on subjects pertaining to and concerning the candlemaking industry, candles, home crafters and any relevant subjects.  Have a suggestion for a feature you'd like to see?  Send it in!

*  New pages to be added soon - Fundraiser Info, Candle Party Info, How to Make Container Candles, How to Make Votives, Scent / Color Suggestions and more!

* New:  Site Search Engine Added 5/7/99! - Right above the main menu you will now find the site search engine!  Now you'll be able to search the entire Candle Cauldron site (excluding external pages such as the message board) for any key word you want!  Lookin for info on Aromatherapy?  Or maybe Vybar?  Well just type it in and it'll find it for you!

*  New!  Paid Advertising Section added 5/6/99 - Individuals may post on the Classified section free of charge for non-commercial want ads, trading merchandise, co-op's, etc.  Any business who wishes to place an ad must do so on the new advertisements page.  Ad spaces are priced very reasonably starting at $10 and will run for 30 days at a time.  There are also discounts for semi-annual and annual ads.  Space will be limited and all ads are subject to approval.  Update: This section no longer available.

*  The Site is expanding! - The Candle Cauldron is in the process of moving to it's own new server space and expanding.  You will still be able to access the site at our domain name:  www.candlecauldron.com during and after the move.  I am in the process of working on adding several new features to the site, including a better chatroom, message board, free e-mail service, etc.  More info to come soon!

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