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Welcome to the Candlemaker's Corner newsgroup! This is the place to learn about candlemaking of all types.  "Newbie" or Advanced, Hobbyist or Professional, all are welcome!  Join the oldest, largest & best candlemaking list online and share ideas, tips and instruction with over 1,600 members all over the world!   Learn about techniques & tips, as well as marketing & the business end of candlemaking!

This is a positive list full of friendly members who love to help each other and learn together.   This is not a "chat" list, we do like to stay on topic in order to keep the daily mail volume reasonable for those of us with full time jobs, but please do feel free to say hi and introduce yourself!   Whether you make candles for fun or business, or if you're just getting into the craft, please feel free to post your questions, tips or advice. 

NOTE: This is a NO-ADVERTISING list, NO SOLICITATIONS or SELF-PROMOTION ALLOWED.  The list owner/sponsor reserves all advertising rights.

We're looking forward to having you here :)

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NO ADVERTISING: Absolutely NO selling, advertising, promoting or plugging your own or any other companies!  The list owner & sponsor reserve all advertising rights on this list. If you break this rule, you will be given only 1 warning & be put on moderated status permanently.  If you break it a second time you will be removed from the list without notice. 

IF YOU SELL SUPPLIES READ THIS:  If any of our members asks the list where to buy a certain item, do not use this as an opportunity to advertise for your company!  You may not discuss your business on the list, or post your website address at any time.  You are also not allowed to use this list to get email addresses or make contacts for the purpose of selling to them, so do not spam our members offlist either!  Doing this will results in your membership being cancelled permanently.  Suppliers may join & use this list for educational purposes only, and will be kept on moderate status.

CANDLEMAKERS:  You may discuss your candlemaking businesses here as long as you do not sell supplies of any kind.  But please don't use the list to sell your candles.  You are welcome to post your link in our Bookmarks section of the Yahoogroup site.

OTHER LISTS:  Promotion of other email lists/forums is not allowed.

NO CO-OPS or CLASSIFIEDS:  Because of the risks involved and problems with bad co-ops in the past, this list does not allow co-ops.  Also do not post used supplies you want to sell on the list, instead you are welcome to post them on our Classified section or on our Candle & Soap Auction site!

POSTING LINKS:  If you are looking for supplies, we encourage you to visit our sponsor at  Otherwise please use a search engine to find other supplier sites (we prefer you do not ask for other supply company links on our list).   If you wish to share a supply link with another member, please email it to them privately... not on the list!  If you need instruction or info links on candlemaking, please refer to The Candle Cauldron, and if you can't find the info you need there, we have several other good candlemaking websites listed on our links page there.

All signature files used must be no more than 3 lines long!  This helps keep the size of the digest version manageable.  Using your company name & url (website addy) in your signature on posts is allowed for people who sell only finished candle products. Suppliers may not put their company info or address on posts!  This applies to anyone that is selling any type of supplies used in the making of candles to other candlemakers, including embeds, packaging items, etc. 

FLAMING:  There is a zero tolerance policy on "flaming" (slamming or bashing).  Offending posters will be immediately removed from the list, period.  This also applies to flaming responses to flamers posts.  Please do not use the list for trouble-making, it's for candle-making :)  This includes posting negative comments about companies, if you have a complaint take it up with that company, this is not the place to lodge it!

SWEARING:  This list has a PG rating.  Foul or distasteful language is not appreciated.  If you're in doubt, please use your good judgment and don't say it.

OFF TOPIC POSTS:  Occasional off topic posts are not a problem, but please try to keep the majority of posts on the subject of candles and avoid using the list for excessive chit-chat or one line replies.  We're a friendly group, but many of us have time limits such as full time jobs, and it's hard to keep up with high volumes of e-mails, so please make list mails as on topic and useful to all members as possible for everyone's benefit :)  When you do post anything off topic, please put "OT" in the subject line!    The list is also not a place for political or religious debates, gossip, rumors, etc.

The following off-topic types of posts are inappropriate:
*  Chain letters of all types.
*  Computer virus warnings.
*  Joke mails.
*  Off topic information not related to candles. 
(Topics which are indirectly related to candlemaking such as marketing, packaging, running a candle business, etc. are fine.)

FORWARDING POSTS:  Please do not "cross post" on this list (that is when you post to several different lists all in the same email).  Also do not forward copies of posts from this list to any other lists!

If you do not agree to any of the rules of this list, your only option would be to unsubscribe.  The list rules are not optional, bendable or arguable.

Welcome once again, and happy candlemaking!

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