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Here are some great articles on other aspects of running a candle business that many people have trouble figuring out.  Hope these help!

Trademarks, Copyrights & Patents  -  by Doneen St.John
Labeling Your Products  -  by Doneen St.John
Finding Business Insurance  -  by Flicker
"Triple Scenting"... Fact or Myth?  -  by Doneen St.John  
How to get Wholesale & Private Label Accounts! - by Tina  
Citrus Scents & Fuel Smells  -  by Doneen St.John  *In Progress*
Competition in the Candlemaking Biz  -  by Doneen St.John  *In Progress*
The Importance of Test Burning - by Doneen St.John  *In Progress*
Pregnancy & Candlemaking  -  Article Needed!
Incorporating Your Business  -  Article Needed!
Printing Your Own Labels & Brochures  -  Article Needed!
The Truth About Candle Soot  -  Article Needed!
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