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This page last updated on 12-30-2003.    Originated on 4-13-1997.
Copyright © 1997-2003  Doneen St.John - Owner & Creator


The Candle Cauldron's Directory of...
Gatherings & Conventions
     Candlemakers and Soapmakers occasionally have meetings, gatherings, conventions where they meet others in the business, share some ideas and make new friends!  Maybe there's one near your area!
Organization State Coordinator
IGCA's Annual Candle Convention (members only) Varies each year Group
National Candle Assoc. Meetings (members only) Varies each year Group
Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Conference (members only) Varies each year Group
Texas Soapmakers Assocation Convention (members only) TX Group
Illinois Candlemakers Gathering IL April Adkins
Ohio Candle Gathering OH Gena Schank
SOSCCON Conference & Exhibition SC Group
Southern California Soap Gathering CA Charlon Bobo
Chicago Soap & Candlemakers Gathering IL Brenda Sievers
Arizona Soap, Toiletry & Candle Gathering AZ Group
Ontario Soap Gathering Ontario Canada Group
Ohio/Kentucky Annual Soaper's Gathering OH Laura Lee
Gel Tyme Experience - Gel Candle Convention Las Vegas, NV Wendy Anzia
Tri State Chandlers & Soapers Conference IN Lisa Cambridge
Great Lakes Gel Candlemakers Gathering MI Trudi Magoon
Texas Candlemakers Conference Lufkin, TX J.T. Burnett

Some fun ideas for gatherings:

* Have soap or candlemaking project demonstrations!
* Invite guest speakers to talk about marketing & selling ideas, display ideas, etc!
* Hold soap or candle swaps!
   Example:  Each person brings 1 votive or 1 soap bar to put in the swap box, then everybody reaches in and gets one
   (hopefully not their own!).
* Have an ugly soap or candle contest!
* Have a recipe swap!
   Example:  Each person types up a sheet on a candle or soap project they specialize in, and brings enough copies
   to hand out for everyone at the gathering.
* Set up a "sniffy table" with scent samples for everyone to smell!  (don't forget the coffee grounds!)
* Have a "name that scent" contest - blindfold the sniffers and see if they guess the scents!
* Have a soap or candle trivia quiz and give out door prizes dontated by sponsoring suppliers!
* Hand out brochures, cards, coupons, and samples sent by sponsoring suppliers!
* Take photos of the gathering to put on your website to encourage more visitors next year!

Having a Gathering of your own?  Let BC be a sponsor!
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