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   Decorating Ideas 

Here are a few neat ideas to try for making more decorative candles:

1)  Try sprinkling glitter on the inside of the mold after you have sprayed it with  a   non-stick coating.  When the candle is dried and removed, the glitter will be stuck to the outside of the candle!

2)  You can also use craft paint to paint a design on the outside of your finished candle.

3)  On square candles with a flat surface, try using a rubber stamp or a stencil.

4)  Decals and stickers can be adheared to a candle and then coated by painting on a coat of clear drying Elmer's Glue or overdipping in paraffin or even future floor wax.  DO NOT use anything flammable to coat your candle unless the outside of the candle will not be burnt (as in hurricane or core burning candles)!

5)  Make your own treasure candle by inserting a charm, crystal, etc. (anything small and non-flammable) about halfway down in the candle when it is halfway dry.  They make great gifts!

6)  Or try making a shavings candle by shaving different colors of wax from old candles with a cheese grater, sprinkle into a glass candle holder, insert wick in the middle, and compress the shavings until they are packed down around the wick so it stands up steady (use pre-stiffened wick).  You can also buy bags of colored wax crystals made by Candle Magic for a similar effect.

7)  Make pressed flower candles by heating a spoon and using it to press flat dried leaves and flowers onto the outside of a pillar candle.  The candle can then be overdipped to coat the flowers.

8)  Try making a rustic looking candle by rolling a warm pillar candle in some crushed herbs like lavender or even cinnamon.  You can also roll a warmed pillar on a piece of burlap cloth or corrugated cardboard for a textured look.

9)  Make your own cake candles by frosting a pillar candle with whipped wax.  To make whipped wax, just melt the wax, color and scent, and wait til it starts to cool and form a skin on top and then whip it with a fork or a beater until thick and frothy.  Spread the whipped wax on quick before it hardens!

10)  Use chunks of old candle leftovers in several colors to make a chunk candle.  Just fill your container or mold with the colored chunks, insert your wick, and fill with clear wax.

11)  Use melted crayons to paint designs on pillar or taper candles.  Try using a stencil or a doiley and paint through the holes with a thin brush.

12)  Try Rub & Buff (you can get it at your local craft store) to make a sheer metallic or opalescent finish on candles.

13)  My husband and I love to travel and instead of buying T-shirts for souveniers, I like to collect shells, leaves, or something that reminds me of a place we have visited.  I then use the items to make wonderful candles.  The shells I insert while cooling wax is still thin enough to slip in the shells toward the sides of the candle and stiff enough to stay (basically) where I wnat them to be. Our candle memories are fun, easy to decorate with and create wonderful conversation pieces with guests.
 Karen Dougherty - Valley Springs CA

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