The Candle Cauldron Credits Page

I would like to extend a very special thank you to all of the great people and web services that helped make this site possible!

Angelfire - Easiest Free Homepages  - This server is where I first started my site.  They offer you free webspace for your page and an easy to use online editor.  They also have many graphics you can use on your site for free.  A great place to learn when you're first starting into making your own website!  I've since moved the site to a bigger server that I have to pay for because of how huge it's grown, but Angelfire is a great place for beginner web designers to start!

 Dreambook Guestbooks  - Dreambook offers free guestbooks for your site.  They are also customizable.

 Server.Com Web Apps  - This place will host a free message board, mailing list, or let you create your own customized forms!
Great stuff!

Egroups - Free e-mail list servs, allowed me to bring together the oldest and largest candlemaker's list online! - The web's largest bookstore, allows me to offer discount books from my site and earn commission!

 Site Meter  - Sitemeter offers a free page counter for your website.  It gives daily, weekly and monthly counts.

Recommend it - They provide a free service that site visitors can use to instantly send your link to a friend! - Offers the Quizzlet you see on our main page, just one of their many free services.

123 Greetings - Provides free e-mail greeting  cards for your site, a fun way to get return visitors and show people you care!

Kenny Bellew's Karaoke Midi Page  - This place has loads of midi files, nicely organized in alphabetical order by group.  All types of music!  Thanks Kenny!

 Link Exchange  - This is one of the most well known banner exchange services on the web.

  Flickering Light Web Ring   - This webring is dedicated to candle sites only and is free to join.

  Craft & Hobby Webring   - This webring is for all kinds of craft sites and is free to join.

 HTML Goodies  - This place is full of helpful info & tips on HTML for your site.  A great resource!

 Free help with HTML  - This place has several helpful & simple tips on HTML.

Some of the graphics on this site were collected from various free graphics sites on the web (too many to remember).  To my knowledge, those graphics are free for anyone's use and are not copyrighted.  I would not knowingly use someone's copyrighted graphics without their permission.  Some of the graphics were custom made by myself strictly for use on my site.  Please do not take any of my custom made graphics or use them on any other websites.  If you're not sure, please ask.  Thank you!

I would also like to thank anyone who has given my site a web award, and all of my visitors who have contributed by participating on my message board, the chats, and by sharing their tips & ideas.  I'd also like to thank all of you who have e-mailed me or signed my guestbook with your wonderful compliments!  I love to get  feedback, and it's an incredible feeling to know that I'm providing a site that people find so helpful and enjoyable!  Thank you all very much!  I hope I have not forgotten anyone!

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