Candles can be traced back as early as biblical times.
For many years they were the main source of light for peoples' homes. Many early Greek and Roman candles were made of flax thread coated with wax and pitch, while in other countries candles were made of palm oil, coconut oil, beeswax and olive oil.  In England bayberry
wax was refined for use in making candles.  The earliest dipped candles were made of tallow.  Not until the early 1800's was paraffin made to replace tallow as the main ingredient for candlemaking.

Electricity has replaced the candle as an important source of light,
but the candle is still important today for its role in
decoration on festive occasions, for the calm and sanctity it evokes
in religious ceremonies, and for the general mood of warmth, relaxation, and even romance it creates in our homes.

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