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These are just suggested topics & times, but the room is open 24 hours a day and you are welcome to chat anytime!
Sunday nights
8:00pm Central
9:00pm Eastern
Crafting Business:
Starting a business, displaying, craft shows,  packaging, pricing,
selling ideas, etc.
Monday nights
8:00pm Central
9:00pm Eastern
Gel Candles:
Share info & creative ideas on these popular hot sellers!
Tuesday nights
8:00pm Central
9:00pm Eastern
Share info on Melt & Pour soap, Cold Process, Hot Process, Rebatching, etc! 
Wednesday nights
9:00pm Central

10:00 Eastern
Candlemaking Basics:
Techniques,  formulas, 
problem solving, ideas, how to's, etc.  Beginners or advanced, all are welcome!
Thursday nights
9:00pm Central
10:00 Eastern
Bath,Body & More:
Share info on Lotions, lip balms, incense, potpourri, air fresheners, sachets, etc!
Friday nights
9:00pm Central
10:00 Eastern
General Chat:
Friday nite chat party, just come on in, relax and have fun!  B.Y.O.T. (bring your own topic)
Saturday nights
9:00pm Central
10:00 Eastern
Natural Candles:
Finally a chat just for soywax, beeswax, essential oils, etc.

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1) Please don't lurk!  Be polite and introduce yourself and join the conversation.  It makes people uncomfortable when
    anonymous strangers just watch but don't speak :)  If you have trouble entering messages, log out and try re-entering.

2) There is no advertising or solicitation of any kind allowed in the chat room!  This is not a place to conduct business.  Same
    rules apply as the message board.  As this site is sponsored by a supplier, I ask that people refrain from posting supplier links
    or plugging other companies in the chat room.

3) Please try to stick to the chat subject as much as possible for everyone's benefit and to keep the chat sessions organized
    and educational.  Many regular chatters here do joke around and have fun, and get "off topic", so if you are new to the room
speak up, say hello and ask your questions!  We're the friendliest crowd on the web & we're always happy to help  : )


Thank You, and Happy Chatting!



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