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This page last updated on 06-15-2003.    Originated on 4-13-1997.
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   Candle Burn Times 


Q ~ How do I calculate the burn time of a candle?

A ~ Before lighting the candle, use a scale to weigh it and find
it's total weight.  Then light and let burn for 3 hours (assuming
it's a 3 inch diameter candle).  Weigh the candle again.  Now
you can calculate the burn rate. For example, if you have a 16
oz candle to begin with, and after 3 hours of burning it weighs
15.5 oz, then that means it burned .5 oz  in 3 hours.  Split that
in 3, so in 1 hour .16 oz burned away.  Now take your original
total weight (16) and divide that by your per hour burn rate (.16).
This would give you a total burn time of approximately 100

Note:  Another guideline to remember is that a standard 2
ounce sized votive candle mold is rated as a 15 hour votive
mold by the manufacturers.  Divide by 2 and that would mean
that each ounce should burn for about 7.5 hours.  This can vary
and will greatly depend on your formula, but you can use this
as a goal to aim for.


Approximate Burn Times
These will vary depending on many variables
such as wax type, additives, wick size &
type, fragrance, dye, etc.

Votives - standard 2oz. 15 hours
Dixie Cup Votives - 3oz. 23 hours
4oz. Swirl Optic Jar 30 hours
5oz Apothecary Jar  35 - 40 hours
10oz. Apothecary Jar 60 - 80 hours
16oz Apothecary Jar  100 - 120 hours
22oz. Apothecary Jar 150 - 160 hours
26oz Apothecary Jar  170 - 190 hours
Tea Lights 4 - 6 hours
Tart/Melts 8 hours
12" Taper Candle 11 hours
8" Taper Candle 7 hours
Flower Pot Votive 25 - 30 hours
1.5oz. Hex Jar 12 hours


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