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It's great to have you here!  We hope you enjoy the boards, make new friends, & find the help you're looking for!
Before using the boards, please take a moment to read the board rules below!
These rules are very important in order to keep the boards running smoothly and fairly, and to avoid some of the problems we've had in the past.  Please help keep this a fun and helpful place for everyone to visit!
Thanks in advance for your cooperation :)
*When you post here, your IP # is recorded and you can be traced*

#1. Positive postings only please! 
No negative posts of any kind allowed :)  This includes "bashing" any person or company, for any reason.  This is
not the place to lodge complaints or to "vent".  Please be polite & tactful, and considerate of others feelings.  If
it isn't nice, don't say it!

#2. NO ADVERTISING, Promoting or Soliciting of any kind!
There is no commercial posting, selling or discussing business transactions allowed on the boards.  This includes
using your company name or web address as a signature on posts.  It also includes using false names to post plugs
for your company (yes we can trace you!).  And it includes posting your e-mail address and asking people to e-mail
you for info so you can sell them something.  No co-ops allowed on the boards as well.  Also, do not use the boards
to announce other suppliers websites or to announce any sales other suppliers are having.  All advertising rights are understandably reserved solely for this site's owner and sponsor.

#3. No asking for suppliers web addys:
Please don't use the boards to ask how to find other supply companies or their website address, or to ask if
there are any suppliers in your area!  Instead, look it up on one of the many web search engines that are meant
for that purpose, or try using your local Yellow Pages.

#4. No "Anonymous" posts allowed:
Please use a name or a handle when posting.  Please fill in your e-mail address so the board can contact you with
reply notifications.  Anyone who posts any info or opinions about a company must use a real name and valid e-mail
address, or else it will be deleted.  Anonymous posts will be deleted without explanation.

#5. No posting to suppliers:
Please do not use our boards to contact other suppliers.  If you have a question for a certain company, or a
question about one of their products, call or e-mail them directly.  If you are asking for others' opinions that is
acceptable, but product info inquiries should be directed right to the supplier privately. 

#6.  No price shopping:
Please don't use the boards as a price shopping service to ask which companies carry what products the cheapest
etc.  For that kind of info, you will have to do your own legwork and take the time to shop thru the various supply
sites yourself. 

#7.  No Spam!
The e-mail addresses of the board users here are for board use only.  Sending unsolicited spam mail is prohibited
and will be reported to the proper ISP!  This includes the unethical practice of other suppliers e-mailing our board
members to try and sell them products!

#8. Deleted posts:
Any & all posts that violate these rules will be deleted without notice.  Any posts deemed inappropriate by our
board moderators may be deleted at our discretion.  So if you see a post disappear, just know there was a good
reason.  If a post of yours gets removed from the board, do not question it publicly on the board!
If you have questions about it, or believe it to be an error, e-mail the board moderators privately here: Email form.
And please don't be offended!  If we delete a post it isn't anything personal, so please don't send us hate mail!
These boards are moderated by a small group of people who shall remain unnamed so they may have their privacy.

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Some Helpful Guidelines for new board users :)

Please spend some time here on the site, and read through the articles and pages of information provided.  Many times if you have a question, you can find the answer on the website, instead of having to ask on the board.  So take a look thru the menu and all of the resources I've spent so much time putting together for you, and if you don't see a button for it, try using the search feature on the main page.

If you've searched the site and still could not find an answer or the info, then we encourage you to post on the board and ask fellow candlemakers!  Many times you'll get a reply, or even several replies, and everyone can read and learn from it together!  If you don't get an answer right away or at all, don't get discouraged!  It may just be that no one that knew the answer had time to read the board that day.  Try surfing thru the links page and the other resources listed there, and if you don't find the answers, you can always come back and try posting again.

Make sure to be clear on the subject of the post so people will know what the question is right away.  More people will respond to your question if you use a detailed subject line, instead of just posting "I need help" or something generic like that.  People will also respond more when you post with a friendly attitude and include your name and e-mail address.  Remember these are humans on the other end of the computer, so they appreciate a nice "hello" and a "thank you"!

Occasionally people don't behave as we would hope, and unfortunately we have no control over that.  If you ever receive a response or see a post you feel was rude or inappropriate, please do not post back to it!  Instead please contact our moderators privately and I will look into it and take care of it!  Try to remember, there are many different personalities out there, and what seems funny or acceptable to some, may not be to others.  Try not to jump to conclusions or jump down throats too fast!  Sometimes things aren't meant the way they were taken.  We cannot see each other's facial expressions or hear the tones in each other's voices, so it is difficult to judge how a comment was meant.  But no matter what, don't let an occasional "bad apple" bother you!  Posting back and arguing on the board just makes the problem worse and puts a damper on the whole group.  Just ignore them, report the problem to us, and everything will be fine :)

Please remember.... information and advice given here are the opinions and beliefs of the various people who post here, and are not always necessarily true or correct.  Many times you may receive some very helpful advice and information here, but it's always a good idea to double check the facts, get other opinions and experiment for yourself.  The Candle Cauldron™  is not responsible for any misinformation that may be posted, nor for anything resulting from use of information found here.

If you have any questions about the board or the rules, do not post about it on the board, just contact me privately by e-mail.  Please remember the rules are there for good reasons, and all I ask in return for this free resource is that everyone be considerate and respectful of my home on the web.

Thank You & Happy Candlemaking! 
*Doneen* - Site Owner J

[Detailed Site User Agreement]

Common Board Lingo:

LOL = laughing out loud

NT = no text

NM = no message

HTH = hope this helps

TIA = thanks in advance

TY = thank you

ROFL = rolling on floor

IMHO = in my humble opinion

JMO = just my opinion

FYI = for your information

OMG = oh my gosh!

OT = off topic

 : ) = smiley face

 : (  = sad face

 ; )  = wink

 : )~ = sticking tounge out

Candle & Soap Lingo:

MP = melt point

FP = flash point

FO = fragrance oil

EO = essential oil

OOB = out of bottle

M&P = melt and pour

CP = cold process soap

HP = hot process soap

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