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   Labeling Your Products 

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Labels are very important, and should be done properly.  They are the thing that tells your customers exactly what they are buying, and they also help make a first impression about your company image.  You want them to look as professional as possible, and be eye catching and attractive at the same time.

Here are some guide lines on product labeling:

Candle labels should include -
*  Your company name, address & phone number, and/or website address.
*  How many ounces the candle/product is.
*  Approximate burn time.
*  Name of the scent*.
*  Cautions & burning instructions.

Bath & Body product labels should include -
*  Your company name, address & phone number, and/or website address.
*  How many ounces/net weight of the product.
*  Exact ingredient list in order of content percentage, from most to least.
   (Must include the word "Fragrance", and list any dyes with their FDC color number)
*  Name of the scent*.
*  Any instructions for use, any cautions, and/or disclaimers.

*When using a brand name or designer type fragrance that is trademarked by another company,
you need to word it carefully so as not to confuse customers, and not to encourage them to mistake your product
for the brand name one.  You need to disclose and acknowlege that the trademark you refer to is the property of another company.  There are a few ways you can do this.  Some suggestions and examples are below:

Escape® Type

Escape® is a registered trademark of Calvin Klein Company.

Our Version of
Storm Watch™

Storm Watch™ is a trademark of Yankee Candle Co., Inc.

If you like Yankee's Hearts & Flowers®,
you'll love our
"Passion Petals"!

Hearts & Flowers® is a registered trademark of Yankee Candle Co., Inc.

Compare to Secret Crush™

Secret Crush™ is a trademark of Victoria's Secret, Inc.

Labels come in many shapes and sizes.  Sometimes you can find blank labels that you can print on your own computer in a laser or ink jet printer, that may fit your product container.  In some cases, you may need to have custom labels printed at a print shop.  If you make candles and use various sizes and shapes of jars, try to choose a shape that will look good on all of your jars, and limit it to one or two sizes if possible.  Products look nicer in groups or on shelves when the labels match closely.  If you make bath & body products, don't forget to make sure your labels are water resistant if the product will be used in the shower!

  • For more info on Trademarks, visit the USPTO site!
  • For more info on label requirements for toiletries & cosmetics, visit the FDA site!
  • For pre-printed candle caution labels, visit Bitter Creek!
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